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Cape Cornwall: Walks and Beaches

Cape Cornwall is a headland four miles north of Land’s End, and is one of only two in the United Kingdom, the other being Cape Wrath in Scotland. The cape is where the Atlantic currents split, with one flowing south into the English Channel and the other north into the Bristol Channel and the Irish Sea.

There are many wonderful walks to be found from Cape Cornwall. The coast route leads from Sennen Cove in the south to the Pendeen Lighthouse in the north. A walk up to Cape Cornwall chimney stack provides spectacular There are several beautiful hikes to be found around Cape Cornwall. From Sennen Cove in the south to the Pendeen Lighthouse in the north, the coast path connects. A hike up to the Cape Cornwall chimney stack gives breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The historic chimney atop the Cape’s tip, erected in 1894, is a relic from the days of tin mining, when mine tunnels reached hundreds of metres into the sea. It’s one of numerous mining structures that act as distinguishing seamarks along this rugged stretch of coastline. The peak offers views of Kenidjack Valley, the offshore Longships Lighthouse, and St Helen’s Oratory, as well as seals resting on the rocky coast.

Looking towards Cape Cornwall and the Brisons

There was once a Bronze Age burial mound at Cape Cornwall, in addition to an older Iron Age hill fort. During the fourth century AD, it was the site of St Helen’s Oratory, one of West Cornwall’s early Christian chapels. The remnants of a dilapidated farm structure still survive on the site.

The Brisons

Brisons rocks, right off the shore, are commonly referred to represent ‘General de Gaulle in his bathtub.’ They are known to have sunk several ships and are said to have once held a jail, but they currently serve as an important seabird nesting place. Gannets, fulmars, and other migrants such as storm-petrels can be seen soaring above them.

Priest Cove

A steep incline goes down from the Cape Cornwall carpark to Priest Cove. The beach at Priest Cove is rocky, with a small rock pool, and is surrounded by Cape Cornwall, the western headland. Local fisherman have utilised and continue to use the cove for centuries. A few fishing boats continue to run the lobster traps in the cove and catch mackerel. Because the cove is still a working slipway, there is a seasonal dog prohibition in effect from Easter to October.

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