The designer and the process

Designer and maker Niki Green lives in the rugged and beautiful far West of Cornwall – close to Lands End. She collects natural objects: seashells and feathers from the Celtic landscape around her.

Designer Niki Green.

“Cornwall has a feeling of wildness even though it has lots of summer visitors. It’s a very harsh landscape of cliffs and sea and wind-blown trees. You can see and feel the elements which have shaped it. I live in an extremely windy part of West Cornwall so you can certainly feel it.”

The process

The work begins with a natural found object, which a very detailed and accurate handmade mould is taken from to create a life-size prototype. This is cast in sterling silver to produce a solid silver piece of jewellery which retains the qualities of the original.

“I work from natural objects which I find beautiful. It gives a sense of purpose to all my wanderings, I’m always looking out for the right thing when I’m on the beach or walking in the woods. I like things with interesting surface texture as well as form. It’s very important to me to keep the detail of the original so I take a very accurate mould and this serves as the starting point for a prototype made using a mixture of moulding and modelling. The prototype is then cast in very high quality sterling silver.”

Niki Green collecting seashells in West Cornwall.

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