The Story of Natural Silver

Designer and maker Niki Green lives in the rugged and beautiful Duchy of Cornwall. She carefully collects natural treasures such as seashellsleaves and flowers, from the beaches and Cornish landscape around her to produce intricate and detailed handmade jewellery using the highest quality fine silver and sterling silver.

Living in a windswept and untamed part of Cornwall, Niki feels a deep connection to the harsh and elemental landscapes that have shaped the region. Her jewellery reflects this connection and offers you a chance to carry a piece of this wild and breathtaking landscape with you.

“Cornwall has a feeling of wildness even though it has lots of summer visitors. It’s a very harsh landscape of cliffs and sea and wind-blown trees. You can see and feel the elements which have shaped it. I live in an extremely windy part of Cornwall so you can certainly feel it.”

The process

Creating each piece of Natural Silver jewellery begins with a natural found object from which Niki takes a detailed mould to create a life-size prototype. The final piece is then cast in sterling silver, capturing the unique qualities of the original object in exquisite detail. Each piece tells a unique story of the region’s wildness and untamed allure.

Niki Green collecting seashells in Cornwall.

“I work from natural objects which I find beautiful. It gives a sense of purpose to all my wanderings, I’m always looking out for the right thing when I’m on the beach or walking in the woods. I like things with interesting surface texture as well as form. It’s very important to me to keep the detail of the original so I take a very accurate mould and this serves as the starting point for a prototype made using a mixture of moulding and modelling. The prototype is then cast in very high quality sterling silver.”

Niki Green, Designer & Maker

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