Cornish Christmas silver jewellery cast from natural objects

Finely detailed handmade necklacesearrings and bracelets, cast in sterling silver from natural objects collected on the Cornish coast.

Designer and maker Niki Green lives in the rugged and beautiful Duchy of Cornwall.

She carefully collects natural treasures such as seashellsleaves and flowers, from the beaches and Cornish landscape around her to produce intricate and detailed handmade jewellery using the highest quality silver.

Sterling silver jewellery from the coast of Cornwall

Intricate and detailed handmade jewellery inspired by the rugged beauty of the Cornish landscape and beaches. Made using the highest quality fine silver and sterling silver, each piece tells a unique story of Cornwall’s wildness and untamed allure.

A note from the designer…

In the spirit of the upcoming festive season, I wanted to extend an early Christmas greeting to you!

While we gear up for festivities, here’s a gentle reminder: If you’re considering giving the gift of silver from Cornwall this Christmas, now’s the perfect time to place your orders. By doing so, you’ll help me avoid a last-minute rush, ensuring your thoughtful presents arrive on time. Please note that the deadline for all orders is December 10th. It’s best to order 1st Class postage to ensure on time delivery. Thank you for being a part of this community and for considering Natural Silver for your Christmas presents. Here’s to a cozy and joyous winter season filled with warmth, laughter, and the simple pleasures that make Cornwall so special.

– Niki Green, Designer.


Share your love of Cornwall and the ocean by posting a picture of your jewellery on social media with the hashtag #MyNaturalSilver.

"The necklace is so beautiful and exactly what we had expected. I would take a picture but my partner never takes the thing off! Hopefully that speaks to how lovely the necklace is. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful coastal necklace."
Thomas Frost
"I know St Ives well and the beach the original shell was found.We spend a week every January down there.My wife loves the necklace and it reminds us of the great times spent in St Ives."
Peter Greenhough
"I ordered daisy necklace and bracelet, both are beautiful and have had lots of positive comments from friends about them .I’m really happy with them 😀"
Lesley Howorth